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Replacement Of Brakes For New Energy Vehicles

Here are some special things to watch out for:

1, the novice's brakes generally tread, consumption will be larger.

2, automatic transmission than the manual file fee brake, because the automatic transmission shift is by the accelerator pedal and brake pedal.

3, often open the urban areas of the car, the loss of brake pads will be faster than the regular open road car. Because often open the urban area of the car, often stop and go, with brakes will be more. Take the highway may go tens of kilometers before the need to slow down or stop using the brake less likely.

4, heavy load cars, brake pads loss. The same speed case of deceleration brakes, heavy car inertia, the friction required brake pads on the big, so wear big.

In general, under mixed driving conditions (half of the road and half of the urban area), the brake pads on the front wheels should be able to use 60,000 to 70,000 kilometers.

5, the rear wheel brake pads should be able to use more than 100,000 km. Of course, this is not absolute, but probably estimate the average. The loss of the front brake pads faster, because the brake, the car's center of gravity will be leaning forward, front brake to withstand the power than the rear brake, the ratio is about 7: 3. So, the front brake disc with the film, the general Big than the rear brake.

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