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Reason Analysis Of Brake Disc Shrinkage And Brake Discs Unevenness

Brake disc can directly reflect the braking effect is good or bad, so the brake disc in the car brake system is the most critical and most direct component. The brake disc is generally composed of a floor, an adhesive insulation layer and a friction layer. The heat insulation layer of the brake disc is composed of a poor heat conducting material and a reinforcing material. The friction layer of the brake disc is composed of a reinforcing material, an adhesive and a filler . The general use of hydraulic transmission in the brake caliper piston drive brake disc and brake disc or drum contact friction into heat, so as to achieve the role of deceleration brake.

Brake disc shrinkage what are the reasons?

One reason: high-speed heavy brake when the shake

Since the cars are now generally equipped with ABS systems, this is a normal situation. Generally in high-speed vehicles in the heavy exercise brakes ABS system will work in order to ensure the safety of vehicles.

Stepping on the brakes at high speed is caused by uneven brakes, it has nothing to do with the brake pads. Unbalanced rotating components will produce vibration, this vibration is mainly generated in the tire, it is recommended for a place to do a four-wheel balance, see if the problem is solved to rule out the possibility of tire failure. If you shake, to check the following shaft, shaft and other related components. In the uneven road, the car will be some to the right side. Because the highway design to consider the issue of drainage, can not be done very flat, if it is also very flat on the road deviation, maintenance department should take check.

Two reasons: light brake body trembling

This situation is generally uneven after the brake disc or brake drum is not round, resulting in the entire body jitter, especially the rear wheel is a drum brake vehicles will feel more obvious. This is due to the rear wheel did not assume the role of steering directly to the brake force transmitted to the body lead to the entire body jitter.


Go to the repair shop to check if the thickness of the rear brake drum or the rear brake drum can be solved by the light brake disc or the light brake drum and can only be changed if the brake disc or brake drum is below or near the limit thickness solve.

Three reasons: light step truck direction shake

This situation shows that the flatness of the front brake disc has exceeded the required range. This means that the front brake disc is uneven. Mainly should be on the market for the sale of the general front-wheel drive are disc brakes, brakes in our brakes in the process of about two brakes will go to clamp the brake disc, if the brakes at this time will be uneven To brake a radial force, and this force is rapidly changing back and forth, the front wheel and shouldering the steering effect, led by the front wheel to cause the direction of jitter.


Go to the repair shop for inspection. If the thickness of the front brake disc is allowed to be solved by the optical brake disc, only the brake disc can be replaced if the brake disc is below or near the limit thickness.

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