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Needless To Change The Car Brake Discs In The End, Let The Old Driver Tell You How To Do!

Usually like to own car owners do care, may ignore the maintenance of the brake disc, do not know how many people know how long the brake disc should be changed? Maybe many of my friends call themselves the old driver, but the understanding of the brake disc may Not a lot

First, how long brake disc change?

Brake disc replacement cycle: the general brake pads are 3-4 million kilometers need to be replaced, the brake disc is left to replace the 70,000 km, the use of brake pads is relatively short, and the general replacement of the car after two changes Of the brake disc, rear brake 8-10 million km replacement.

In fact, how long a car's brake disc can be used mainly depends on the traffic conditions, the frequency of car use and car habits. So no one can say exactly how many years need to be replaced, because everyone is different.

Second, how to judge the brake disc needs to be replaced?

1, observe the brake disc warning lamp to judge: Under normal circumstances the brake disc indicator is off, when the brake disc failure or excessive wear, the light is lit, turn off after the repair. When the warning light is on, the brake disc has been worn to the limit, the braking effect has been reduced, greatly affecting the driving safety, therefore, we recommend regular checks of brake disc wear to see if it can be used, rather than just believe the warning light.

2, check the thickness of the brake disc: Most brake disc products have wear indicators, that is, the distribution of three small pits on the disc. Use a vernier caliper to measure the depth of the pit to 1.5mm. That is to say, the total wear depth on both sides of the brake disc reaches 3mm. When the quasi-wear and complete wear shown in the figure below appear, we suggest to replace the brake disc in time.

3, to listen to the sound: If the brakes in the light at the same time accompanied by "iron rub iron" slithering or squeal (also may be the brake pads in the beginning of the installation run-in effect), then the brake must be immediately replace. Because the limit markings on both sides of the brake pad have been directly friction brake disc to prove that the brake pads have exceeded the limit.

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