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Good Brake Pads Can Directly Improve The Braking Performance?

In the usual car to do the maintenance process, drivers and friends often encounter a lot of marketing, especially a variety of accessories, but novice on the performance of various accessories is not very understanding, such as if the change is good brake pads really Help improve the braking performance?

 Good brakes Whether the material or the production process, will let it try to keep a rough state in order to increase the friction. This undoubtedly increases the braking performance. If you really want to upgrade the brake system, it is recommended that the brake pads, brake discs, calipers, etc. are replaced, a full upgrade will have a significant effect.

The best guide to keep the car is to give instructions to manufacturers, after all, cars are designed by others. Sometimes tangle can frequently replace the oil brand, different brands of oil used in different additives, different additives do not occur between the chemical reaction to shorten the service life of this thing we can not guarantee. If the oil is not completely drained when replacing the old oil, the new and old mixed, the lubricating oil performance decline is still possible.

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