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Flywheel Assembly Attention And Unbalance Adjustment Method

Flywheel assembly of attention issues:

Flywheel is used to store energy to overcome some resistance, to ensure that the normal rotation of the engine is an important part of the car engine is an essential one of the important original, but also flywheel assembly is an important part. Flywheel assembly for the use of flywheel has a very important influence, so flywheel assembly must pay attention to the following questions.

1, in the installation, we must pay attention to all the bolts tightened, can not have any loose bolts appear. To ensure the safety of flywheel.

2, the installation, the selection of bolts must be based on the requirements and the actual situation of the engine, to select the appropriate size of the bolt, and select the appropriate number of screws.

3, To change the flywheel, can not be replaced with other types of bolts, the flywheel engine must be selected according to the provisions of the appropriate bolts, so as to avoid accidents in use.

4, in the installation and use of flywheel, you can not adjust the flywheel and crankshaft position. Before the flywheel is installed, the position of the flywheel and the crankshaft is based on a detailed measurement and comparison, resulting in the best position. When being used, the position of the flywheel and the crankshaft is changed privately, and the engine may easily malfunction during use or threaten the safety of the entire vehicle.

5, in the flywheel fault repair, you need to be calibrated, and after the installation of the entire flywheel assembly dynamic balance test to ensure that the flywheel is properly installed, as well as the normal use of the car.

Flywheel installation is to ensure the normal use of flywheel assembly an important guarantee, so the flywheel equipment in the process, must be strictly in accordance with the standards to avoid the flywheel caused by improper installation of the engine failure, or even cause damage to the car.

Car flywheel rotation imbalance adjustment method:

Car flywheel is an important part of the car engine, once the car flywheel damage, it will lead to the car engine can not be used, affecting the normal car. However, in the state of incomplete tools, we can adjust ourselves as follows:

1, the first engine flameout, and then remove the clutch cover.

2, start the engine, the engine jitter serious with a marker and other gently touch the flywheel outer ring.

3, and then the engine flameout, check the flywheel pen marks, and then adjust the balance according to the pen traces pad. In the adjustment should be noted that there will be a pen marks the balance was moved to its original position directly opposite, and to bolt well, and then tighten the bolt to prevent loosening, once again affect the use of flywheel.

4, start the engine again, check the engine in the low, high-grade operation of the jitter phenomenon, if the engine is still jitter you need to add a few balanced shims, until the engine does not occur any jitter to ensure the normal use of the engine safety .

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