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Do Not Know Do Not Know, Big Before The Brake Disc, Which Is Why?

Careful owners will find that the main configuration of the brake system in the car, the brake disc is not a unified specification, the front brake disc is usually larger than the rear wheel. This makes many owners have doubts, why the same size four tires, to use different size brake disc it?

We know cars stop or drive, all the weight is through the tires to bear. At the beginning of the design of the car, designers will do their utmost to allocate the weight of the car body according to the ratio of 50:50, in order to make each tire load more evenly. Under normal circumstances such models before and after the weight ratio of 60:40. Front rear drive models because the rear axle more than a drive, before and after the weight ratio is only close to 50:50, the front or heavier than the rear. In the process of braking the vehicle, the wheels decelerate first, the body by inertia, there will still be a forward momentum. At this point the body weight will gather to the front wheel, but the pressure on the rear wheel will be reduced. The reason for the front wheel is equipped with large size brake discs, it is also in order to ensure that the front of the vehicle, in charge of most of the body weight, but also has a stable and effective braking performance.

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