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Brake Disc Rust How To Deal With?

1, the treatment of slight rust: Brake usually more common is the rust problem, if only a slight rust, you can travel, through the continuous braking method to rust. Because the disc brakes rely on the friction between the brake calipers and the brakes, the brake can be rubbed several times, of course, provided that it is under a safe road.

2, severe rust treatment: The above method is still useful for minor rust, but serious rust can not be solved. Because the rust is too stubborn, brake, brake pedal, steering wheel, etc. will have obvious jitter, not only can not be "polished", barely will accelerate the brake pads wear. So this case, it is best to find a professional maintenance staff to remove the brake disc for grinding, the rust treatment clean. If the rust is particularly serious, even a professional repair shop can do nothing, smart for a brake disc.

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