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Brake Disc Routine Maintenance How To Do?

1, car wash attention to protect the brake disc: ready to wash the car, it is recommended to dry the car aside the natural side, and then car wash maintenance. Generally speaking, a hard material such as a brake disc may cause damage to the brake disc. In fact, in our daily brake use, the brake disc generates a lot of heat due to vehicle deceleration and friction, and the temperature will be high.

If this time car wash, the brake disc has not had time to cool down, cold water sprayed on the brake disc, thermal expansion and contraction will make the steel brake disc distorted, there will be serious cracks.

2, try to reduce the brake disc loss: Although the brake disc wear slower than brake pads, the general mechanic of the car will only be prompted to replace the brake pads and brake oil, but the brake disc through a certain mileage (with the allocation of pictures, inquiry Price) will appear wear, the brake disc surface is not flat or brake disc thickness up to the standard, the long term will seriously affect the braking performance.

3, to avoid abnormal noise brake: Athletic level brake pads suitable for long-term extreme high temperature conditions, because the material formulations and the use of different conditions, so there is "hissing" is normal. However, the general civilian car appeared "hissing" abnormal brake should pay attention to the brake. Owners should usually pay attention to cleaning the brake pads and brake discs, reduce foreign matter into the brake system, and replace the qualified brake pads.

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