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Brake Disc Processing Technology And The Use Of Better Than The Drum Brake Reason

Brake disc brake disc is a round plate, the car is moving it is also rotating. Brake caliper is used to clamp the two brake discs and brake force. Its relatively rotating brake disc is fixed. When it is on the brakes, it clamps the brake disc to slow down or stop. Brake brake effect better than the drum brake What are the reasons?

Brake brake power is relatively weak, there is no actual brake drum area, the natural braking efficiency drum brake is not good, but the drum brake there is the biggest problem, heat recession, vigorous limit brake brake drum heat will eventually lead to gap change Large, longer brake, the eventual failure. However, drum brake low cost, braking force, so trucks are used brake drum.

Many car rear wheels are drum brakes, low cost, and the car power is small, generally rarely used to do extreme control, so the rear drum brake is very economical. However, because the front wheel brake bear 75% of the force, so are the front and rear drum. Including a lot of after-car, front and rear disc brake, but also in front of the brake disc large, behind a smaller number. The front is a hollow plate, followed by a solid dish and so on.

But the disc brake has a gradual process, it is easy to control the braking force, and the brake disc with the wheel rotating with large contact air surface, there is little sign of heat decline, prolonged braking can maintain a good braking effect, and some Super sports car, before and after the use of ceramic fiber brake disc, is to avoid heat recession.

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