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Brake Disc Maintenance Methods

Maintenance is a crucial issue, face maintenance, car maintenance, etc. are very important, today introduced the maintenance of the brake disc.

To replace the brake fluid, brake fluid has water absorption. If not regularly replaced, the brake oil will absorb moisture in the air caused by increased water content. When the water content reaches a certain concentration, the brake will produce high temperature brake fluid boiling and bubble.

Braking action will be delayed due to the action of air bubbles, brake is not timely enough and effective. To clean the brake disc surface stains, brake disc easy to rust in the rainy season, brakes due to lack of lubrication scream, you must take lubrication to solve

Prevent the brake disc from squeaking

Brake Cylinder Lubrication to prevent stuck, brake Cylinder due to brake fluid too much water and rust easily produce stuck or brake insensitive. Lubrication and maintenance can guarantee brake cylinder reaction sensitive.

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