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Brake Disc Brake Advantages

1, because there is no drum brakes automatic brake effect, so that the disc brake brake force is lower than the drum brake.

2, disc brake pads and brake disc friction between the drum brake area is small, so that the brake force is relatively small.

3, in order to improve the above shortcomings of disc brakes, so the need for greater pedaling force or hydraulic pressure. Therefore, you must use the larger diameter of the brake disc, or increase the brake system hydraulic pressure, in order to improve the braking power.

4, hand brake device is not easy to install, some of the rear wheel disc brake models for this purpose plus a set of brake handbrake body.

5, a larger brake wear, resulting in the replacement frequency may be higher.

Brake disc material mostly cast iron material, but also in the long-term exposure, the working environment and more harsh, often suffered the test of two days of ice and fire. If the vehicle parked for a long time, or in a more humid environment, the brake disc surface will generate some rust, which rust more or less will affect the normal operation of the brake system.

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