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What should I do if the vehicle malfunctions during braking?

1. According to the road and speed control a good direction, to disengage the high-speed gear, while rapidly boom empty oil, the high-speed gear into low gear. In this way, the engine will have a great drag resistance to speed down rapidly. In addition, the downshift at the same time, should be combined with the hand brake, but be careful not to tighten the handbrake can not pull too slow. If pulled too tight, it is easy to make the brake disc "lock", it is likely to damage the transmission parts and loss of braking capacity; if pulled too slow, brake disc wear and tear will lose the braking effect.

2. Use the car's bumper, car and other steel parts and the roadside natural obstacles (rocks, trees or soil slope) friction, collision, to force parking for the purpose of escape, as much as possible to reduce the accident loss.

3. Braking failure occurs when climbing uphill, should be reduced to low gear in a timely manner, to maintain sufficient power to drive on the hilltop parking. If you need to stop at Banpo, you should keep moving forward and low gear, tighten your hand brake, truck drivers timely with stones, wood and other objects stuck in the wheel. If there is a rear slip phenomenon, the rear should be towards the hillside or safety side, and turn on the headlights and emergency lights, causing the attention of front and rear vehicles.

4. Downhill braking failure, can not use the vehicle's own body control speed, the driver should be decisive use of natural obstacles, such as roadside rocks, trees, etc., to cause resistance to the car. If you can not find a suitable terrain for a while, the object can be used. In an emergency, you can move the side of the car body closer to the hillside to friction to increase the resistance and gradually reduce the speed.

5. Vehicles in the next long slope, steep slopes regardless of whether there should be no brakes. Both test braking performance, but also can be found in the brake failure to gain control of the speed of time, also known as predictive braking.

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