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Small car on how to maintain the winter problem

Note that the "feet" of the warmth

Tires are an essential item for every maintenance. First of all, to have a normal tire pressure, in winter, the temperature is low, should be appropriately replenished air pressure to keep it within the specified pressure range.

Line of sight should be clear

Window fog to driving a lot of trouble, especially before the file parts, pay special attention to the outlet air is normal, the heat is enough, if there are problems, we must promptly resolve.

keep warm

Timely replacement of antifreeze. Antifreeze with antifreeze, anti-open the pot, anti-corrosion, scale and other anti-corrosion, but if the antifreeze freezing more than outdoor temperature, it is easy to icing, eventually leading to the water tank was frozen. Therefore, the freezing point of antifreeze should be detected in time. If summer antifreeze is tap water, it should be promptly replaced.

Good car start system is necessary, especially for pickup models, like the wind Jun pickup used in Germany's Bosch original GSK glow plug, it can make a one-time start at minus 35 ℃ success. In addition, pay attention to parking shelter, timely stamped with a car, slow start, etc. are also daily antifreeze should pay attention.


The engine is the most important part of a car, like the heart of people, the foundation of the building. In winter, it often happens that the vehicle starts to be difficult to start, and it is easy to turn off after start-up. This is because the flow performance of the oil deteriorates at low temperatures and can not rapidly reach the friction surfaces at the starting moment. The metal parts lacking the necessary lubrication co-operate with each other Friction, a substantial increase in exercise resistance, resulting in difficult to start the vehicle. These damage to the engine is very large.


Tires in the winter, the rubber will be hardened so that it will become relatively brittle, the friction coefficient will be reduced, thus requiring the tire pressure is not too high, but not too low, low external temperature, tire pressure is too low, severe soft tires can be accelerated Aging and exacerbating tire contact with the ground can accelerate friction and reduce tire life. Therefore, the maintenance of the tire, is also very important.

car windscreen

The clarity of the car glass is an important factor affecting the safety of driving.

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