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How to make your car fuel-efficient?

1: start warm after the start

Before going out in winter in winter, one to three minutes, let the water temperature reach 40 ℃ before starting. Let the car steady driving 1-2 km before accelerating. This reduces consumption and benefits both car engines and components.

2: soft start

Start low gear, slowly depress the accelerator pedal, slow acceleration. Let the car reach a certain gear speed, learn to listen to the engine's sound to gradually shift the gear from low to high.

3: Use economical speed

General economic speed of the car at 60Km / h ~ 80Km / h between. When the car running at economic hour is the most fuel-efficient. No matter if the speed is too high or too low, it is not good for fuel economy.

4: light lift the throttle

Light lift the fuel-efficient. Suddenly, if the throttle is thrown, it will make the engine speed suddenly reduced to play a role in resistance, to offset part of the driving inertia, and make the car produce "jitter", so that fuel consumption increased.

5: shift in time

Shift should be fast and timely, especially on the slopes, the shorter the shift time, the better the car's dynamic performance, the more fuel can be saved.

6: High block fuel-efficient vehicles

Use high-speed gear as much as possible and use less intermediate gear. Of course, do not drag stalls in the high gear. To learn to listen to the sound of the engine to shift, and to understand their car situation.

7: Do not spin - stop for 1 minute to turn off

Avoid engine idling, fuel-efficient test shows that the engine idling 3 minutes of fuel consumption allows the car to travel 1 km.

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