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Car running-in period of five essential car knowledge

1, should not be fast slow. New car at the beginning, the speed should be controlled within 60-80 km / hour.

2, cold start to preheat the car. Cold start should preferably make the table pointer to the middle of the tick mark, the water temperature reaches above 40 ℃, and then slowly start on the road.

3, taboo full load overload. Full load or overload on the new car parts damage are very large, must be loaded according to the provisions of the type of vehicle load shedding, in order not to exceed the required load of 70% is appropriate.

4, emergency brake does not work. Braking is bad driving habits, especially for new car engine, brake system and chassis impact damage. Traffic should be handled in advance, slow down gear; if there is an emergency situation needs emergency braking, but also should first depress the clutch pedal to reduce the impact of the engine damage.

5, routine inspection Remember that a new car must adhere to the routine inspection, early detection and troubleshooting to prevent future problems. A check of oil, water and gas, once found missing should be promptly replenished, found running, run, drip, leak timely maintenance; two car check whether the abnormal sound, found abnormal sound timely repair; three car dashboard, driving Found in the warning lights or computer tips, timely maintenance.

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