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Car flywheel installation precautions

Flywheel is an important part of the car to store and transfer energy, once the flywheel fails, it will directly lead to the normal operation of other system parts, so flywheel installation, be sure to follow flywheel installation precautions.

1. Before installing the flywheel, the diameter of the crankshaft, the thread hole and the locating pin must be clean, and the joint surface between the flywheel and the crankshaft must be free of any remaining dirt to avoid over-error after the flywheel is installed.

2. During installation, the bolts used for fixing must be tightened. During the tightening process, it is tightened in two times to reach the required tightening degree finally to prevent the bolts from loosening and other damages during use.

3. In the flywheel installation, the center of the flywheel positioning hole and crankshaft center of the axis within a certain error,

4. In the flywheel installation, the flywheel should be balanced testing and adjustment to avoid flywheel vibration occurs during rotation, so flywheel easily out of balance, and to make the engine parts of the wear and tear worse.

5. In the flywheel installation, be sure to check the alignment of the flywheel timing mark position.

The flywheel is a high quality cast iron disc that provides an important motivation for the engine's work. Therefore, pay attention to the above considerations when installing the flywheel. Make sure the flywheel is used.

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