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Car brake disk operating system

Brake master cylinder belonging to the brake system, the main function is to provide brake booster, brake only after the vehicle engine start-up effect, buses and trucks and other vehicles using gas pump power system, the car uses the pump power system, the main oil brake Brake master cylinder for the vacuum booster pump, in the case of the master cylinder booster, the driver controls the hydraulic pressure on the brake pressure on the brake pedal pedal effort can be a lot easier, if the car did not start the engine, then even with the best, step Brake pedal can not step in the end.

The braking effect on the car can only be applied to the car and the opposite direction of the direction of the car's external forces, and these external forces are random and uncontrollable, so the car must be equipped with a series of specialized devices to achieve The above function.

Braking system is the car in order to technically ensure the safe driving of vehicles and improve the average speed of the car, etc., and in the car brake system installed brake. Generally speaking, the brake system of an automobile includes two independent sets of a service brake and a parking brake. The service brake device is operated by the driver's foot, so it is also called foot brake device. Parking brake device is manipulated by the driver by hand, it is also known as hand brake device.

The function of the service brake is to decelerate the moving vehicle or to stop within the shortest distance. The function of the parking brake device is to keep the cars that have stopped on various roads. However, sometimes in emergency situations, both braking devices can be used simultaneously to increase the braking effect of the vehicle. Some special-purpose vehicles and vehicles often traveling in mountainous areas will cause over-heating of the service brakes due to long-term and frequent braking. Therefore, various types of auxiliary brakes are often added to these vehicles so as to be stable when going downhill Speed.

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