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Brake silencer effect

Ceramic brake pads are a kind of brake pads made of (non-asbestos organic material) formulations and originated in Japan. The biggest difference with traditional brake pads is that there is no metal in the manufacturing materials. The traditional brake pads in the metal is the main friction material, braking force, but the wear and tear, and prone to noise. Ceramic brakes are more prominent in terms of wear and noise control because of the lack of metal, but at high speeds the braking force will be less.

Ceramic brake four advantages:

1. Heat decline is small. In continuous braking, the temperature up to 500 degrees is no deformation of the brake pads, do not melt, there are still excellent braking performance. Performance in the braking torque, braking distance is short.

2. long lasting. More than half the average life of semi-metallic brake pads more than 50%.

3. Damage to the couple is small. Brakes in dual parts (brake disc) long service life, half-life than half-life brake pads more than 20%.

4. Low noise. During wading and salt water conditions, there is no screaming when braking and braking performance is good.

It is mainly composed of brake lining (friction material part) and rigid back (metal part). In addition, there are also some kinds of mufflers that are attached to a piece of paper just on the back, and some are cloth A piece of paper, some metal pieces, and a piece of yellow paper.

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