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Brake selection method

Brake pads generally require products to meet a number of technical indicators such as the following:

1, the friction coefficient: a simple understanding of friction coefficient is the braking capacity, its stability is a key indicator of brake pads.

2, the service life: as long as possible to extend the service life, reduce the frequency of replacement.

3, noise: Whether it is emergency braking or normal braking, light braking or continuous braking, can not produce harsh noise.

4, comfort.

5, thermal expansion: continuous braking and emergency braking will lead to high temperature, according to the physical principle of thermal expansion and contraction, brake pads will expand, but in the requirements of its expansion must be maintained in a very small range, the expansion is too large, will Resulting in the gap between the film and the dual is too small, the film and disk in the normal driving process has been to maintain the brake state, eventually resulting in brake oil tank temperature rise oil spills, brake failure.

6, thermal decline: the friction coefficient of the brake pads need hot and cold sweet and sour, everything can be done, the material must be adapted to a wide temperature range, to ensure that it can not reduce the ability under various conditions.

7, compressibility: It reflects that when we brake with a certain braking force, the brake pad can not be too soft too hard, too soft, will affect the reaction time brake pads; too hard, wound and easy to produce noise. According to the corresponding standard, its compression is between 0.1 ~ 0.2mm.

8, do not hurt the disk.

9, environmental protection.

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