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Brake replacement time and installation method

1. Detailed and often check the brake system.

Some cars will show a light drag brake, which is driving the car to increase the load, will fuel consumption growth, so check on schedule.

2. Schedule nursed back to health, exchange machine.

Ambient filters, fuel filters, oil filters, etc. every driving 5000 km or more are required to be replaced, due to air filter infarction will lead to reduced gas volume, resulting in incomplete combustion of gasoline, low fuel compliance. Clutch plates, clutch pressure plate wear and tear, spark plug used for too long, will show the signs of increased fuel consumption, it should also be replaced on schedule.

3. Increase the load.

Statistics show that for each additional 1000 grams of load will increase 1% fuel consumption, so as far as possible to reduce unnecessary spare parts in the trunk.

Driving skills

1. light, light brake, brake early.

Driving in the fierce brake, fierce start, fierce step on the accelerator are fuel-efficient taboo. Oil-saving experiments show that the accelerator pedal in the end more than two to three times the speed of traveling oil. So it should be under the condition of guaranteeing the normal driving of the car, properly reduce the magnitude of stepping on the accelerator. See the red light or revenue highway, you can light on the brakes to accelerate early, by the engine residual energy to make the vehicle glide progress.

2. Warm up and then speed up.

Engine running at lower temperature than the temperature after the operation more fuel, so just do not immediately start to speed up, but should be slow for a few minutes, let the engine speed up again later.

3. Shift opportunities and gear choices.

Shift opportunities as much as possible choose between 2500-3000 turn, this can guarantee the supply of energy under the conditions of access to better economics. To eliminate low-speed high-speed, driving the manual transmission of the car, the chaos up in the future should be replaced by high gear in real time; and driving the active transmission of the car, should be possible to prevent the use of "activities" form.

4. Control of the economy of the vehicle speed.

Economic speed refers to the most fuel-efficient driving speed, various types of economic divergence speed models, to carefully browse the vehicle brochures, but probably the city at 70-90 km / h or so. Below or above this rate, fuel consumption will pick up.

5. Car re-run-in period.

Driving the run-in period is accurate or not, to deal with the future impact of fuel economy is also great. Therefore, we must be served the speed does not exceed 80 km, the speed does not exceed 4000 turn unshakeable new car running-in criterion, do not break the ring

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