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Brake disc summer maintenance

Most brake discs are made of cast iron and have been exposed for a long period of time. They are exposed to the wind and the sun and work in harsh conditions. Even in the rainy season in the north, rust will be generated on the surface of the brake disc. Less will affect the normal operation of the brake system, it is necessary to promptly remove it.

If there is only a slight surface rust, you can use continuous braking method to remove it. While driving, lightly press the brake, the brake pads and brake disc friction can be polished. If the rusty situation is more serious, rust more, it will result in uneven surface brake, in which case the brake may cause body jitter. This rust is usually difficult to remove by continuous braking, it is recommended that this situation occurs, it is timely repair to the regular repair shop, if necessary, should be replaced with a new brake disc.

It is not a bad habit to hit the brakes frequently. Explain your safety awareness is in place. If every driver has a good sense of safety like you do, then traffic accidents can be avoided a lot, and in everyday driving you should be careful not to hit the brakes frequently.

In addition to the braking system itself related components, oil inspection and maintenance, the driver's driving habits on the braking system is also a great influence, such as winding down the winding road can not be frequently brakes, which will brake ( Drum) fever and loss of braking function, you must hang low block taxiing, the use of engine traction to assist the brake. At the same time keep in mind: you can not turn off the taxi, the lack of a vacuum power engine, braking system is equal to "disabled."

Brake system inspection and maintenance, not only to pay attention to the braking system itself, such as brake pads and brake oil performance and stability, but also pay attention to our driver's driving habits, which brake system has a significant impact on the quality.

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