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Brake brake brakes

Braking tweets are increasingly causing people's dissatisfaction and have been the most disturbing issue in the automotive brake system. Research into predicting and eliminating brake screaming has been around since 1930, but the mechanism by which noise is generated is not yet clear and there is no way to completely eliminate the noise. The noise is not generated every time you brake, but random. Some microscopic and macroscopic factors seem to affect brake tweets, but microscopic mechanisms are not clear. The study of noise mainly uses the simulation method, but each model can not include all the factors, so the result can only be adapted to a brake configuration or a car type.

Earlier studies have shown that the surface roughness of brake discs has a significant impact on noise generation. After sandblasting both sides of the brake disc, the tendency to produce noise is almost eliminated until it is severely worn. After sandblasting, some pits are formed on the surface of the brake disc, and the contact area with the sheet is smaller than that at the smooth surface, so the friction force becomes small. Car tweets are caused by friction-induced vibrations, so the noise is reduced. However, as the dimples are worn smaller and smaller, more and more shallow, the contact area becomes larger and the friction force resumes. Therefore, this method has a limited duration.

When the friction coefficient is less than 0.4, no noise is generally generated. However, when the coefficient of friction is close to 0.4, the tendency of the noise to increase sharply indicates that some unknown spontaneous mechanism is activated. Optical measurements show that the brake disc vibration is quite complex bending and torsional movements. In addition the generation of noise and the brake disc structure, shape.

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