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Brake Disc for Mercedes Benz

The Brake Disc for Mercedes Benz produced by our company is very stable, so it has less performance after entering the water and can be restored to normal after only one or two brakes.
Moreover, this product is smaller in size and mass than the drum brake when the output braking torque is the same.
It has a very small amount of thermal expansion in the thickness direction, which does not cause a significant increase in the brake clearance as in the brake drum, resulting in excessive brake pedal travel.
In addition, it is easier to automatically adjust the gap, and its maintenance and repair work is relatively simple. Hengbang Machinery is China great brake disc for mercedes benz manufacturers and suppliers that set up in 1996. We are a professional company which is mostly engaged in providing good products and service with factory price. You can wholesale our products with low price. Welcome to buy brake disc for mercedes benz made in China from us here.
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