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Cross Drilled Rear Rotors

Cross Drilled Rear Rotors

Height : 74.9 mm Diameter : 354 mm Centering Diameter : 79 mm Pitch Circle Diameter : 120 mm Brake Disc Thickness : 20 mm

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What's disc brake? And what can it do? This is not a question for most car owners. Generally we consider disc brake a type of tools which can stop cars. It creates friction by squeezing disc or totors, once the strength of friction reaches a certain level, this car would lose its moving ability--or stop in short.

Our product can provide standout capacity and longer lifespan with cheaper price than other company.


Ref.SDB 500202
NameBrake Disc


Rear Axle 
Height : 74.9 mm
Diameter : 354 mm
Centering Diameter : 79 mm
Pitch Circle Diameter : 120 mm
Brake Disc Thickness : 20 mm
Minimum Thickness : 17 mm
Num. of holes : 5
Solid or Vented : V
Weight : 9.2 kg


· Manufactured with multiple alloys for improved heat dissipation and performance, and it works;

· Mill-balanced for proper rotor function; no extra weights are needed, it means economy;

· Quality validated for proper metallurgy and correct brake plate thickness;

· Rounded radius for improve strength, sometimes will provides over expectary effect.

Service Situation

1.Professional sales & marketing team;
2.Prompt and efficient delivery;
3.Excellent quality with cheaper price.

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