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Brake Disc for BMW

The brake disc for bmw produced by our company has a high friction coefficient, which greatly improves the braking efficiency.
The surface of this product is so hard that it wears little during braking to effectively ensure safety during driving.
In addition, this product has good heat capacity and heat dissipation. In addition, this brake disc has a long service life. Hengbang Machinery is China great brake disc for bmw manufacturers and suppliers that set up in 1996. We are a professional company which is mostly engaged in providing good products and service with factory price. You can wholesale our products with low price. Welcome to buy brake disc for bmw made in China from us here.
  • Brake Caliper Parts
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    Brake Caliper Parts

    The middle end of the disc brake is used as the friction surface, and the braking unit is composed of the friction disc and its metal disc. The braking force is reflected in the clamp across the two sides of the brake disc, which is...
  • Brake Rotors Disc
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    Brake Rotors Disc

    Height : 61 mm

    Diameter : 298 mm

    Centering Diameter : 75 mm

    Pitch Circle Diameter : 120 mm

    Brake Disc Thickness : 10.0 mm

  • Buy Brake Discs
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    Buy Brake Discs

    The quality of Buy Brake Discs materials and processes is first rate. These discs are precisely tailored to each model to produce optimum braking performance. Our experience and enthusiasm for creating new ideas has helped us achieve...
  • Brake Disc Rotor
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    Brake Disc Rotor

    The Brake Disc Rotor consists of a ring-shaped brake disc made of cast iron and a rotor cover (central part) made of aluminum alloy, which reduces the fastening components and improves production efficiency and precision by adopting...
  • Front Disc Brake Rotor
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    Front Disc Brake Rotor

    Front Disc Brake Rotor, also known as disc brakes, are named after their shape. The disc brake is hydraulically controlled. The main components are brake discs, sub-pumps, brake calipers, oil pipes and other brake discs made of alloy...
  • Brakes and Rotors
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    Brakes and Rotors

    Height : 78 mm

    Diameter : 272 mm

    Centering Diameter : 75 mm

    Pitch Circle Diameter : 120 mm

    Brake Disc Thickness : 10.0 mm

  • Drilled Brake Discs
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    Drilled Brake Discs

    Drilled Brake Discs ensure higher grip and more efficient braking system performance from the initial braking phase compared to standard discs. Due to these holes, the coefficient of friction between the disc and the mat is greater.
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