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Disk Brake Rotor

Disk Brake Rotor

Height : 61 mm

Diameter : 312 mm

Centering Diameter : 75 mm

Pitch Circle Diameter : 120 mm

Brake Disc Thickness : 20.0 mm

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Product Details
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NameBrake Disc
Brake Disc
NOTERear Axle, Left
 : 61 mm
Diameter : 312 mm
Centering Diameter : 75 mm
Pitch Circle Diameter : 120 mm
Brake Disc Thickness : 20.0 mm
Minimum Thickness : 18.4 mm
Num. of holes : 5
Solid or Vented : V
Weight : 6.5 kg

The rotor may be deformed by use, abuse or simply due to overheating. One of the most common causes of rotor bending is direct impact when parking or storing a bicycle. The new rotor may even have some problems. If the rotor is severely bent, especially if it is impacted, it is best to replace it simply.

Determining if the rotor is repairable can be tricky. A good rule of thumb: If the rotor does not show improvement within a few minutes of trying to repair, it may have reached the end of its useful life. If you have any questions, please replace it with a new one. When the rotor deforms beyond a certain point, you can push it, but it will never be straight.


Clean your work area. When installing a new rotor, the rotor braking surface must be free of contaminants. Avoid touching it with your hand.

Determine the correct rotor direction. Most rotor designs have an arrow that should match the rotation of the wheel. Otherwise, adjust the direction of the rotor so that the writing surface faces outward.

Slide the rotor into place and hand tighten the lock ring.

Model AppEngine AppChassis AppCCKWTypeCYLYear
BMW 3 (E36)
3 (E36) M3 3.2S50B323 (E36)3201321Saloon609/95 - 02/98
BMW 3 Convertible (E36)
3 Convertible (E36) M3 3.2S50B323 Convertible (E36)3201321Convertible610/95 - 04/99
3 Convertible (E36) M3 3.0S50B303 Convertible (E36)2990286Convertible601/94 - 10/95
3201321Convertible61/96 - /
3246343Convertible67/03 - /

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