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Disc Brake Kit

Disc Brake Kit

Height : 80.2 mm

Diameter : 324 mm

Centering Diameter : 75 mm

Pitch Circle Diameter : 120 mm

Brake Disc Thickness : 12.0 mm

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NameBrake Disc
Brake Disc

Rear Axle

Height : 80.2 mm

Diameter : 324 mm

Centering Diameter : 75 mm

Pitch Circle Diameter : 120 mm

Brake Disc Thickness : 12.0 mm

Minimum Thickness : 10.4 mm

Num. of holes : 5

Solid or Vented : S

Weight : 7 kg

Disc brakes produce amazing braking forces even under the toughest conditions because they utilize a rotor (photo) attached to the hub and a caliper that is attached to a frame containing a specially designed mat.

Unlike soft rubber mats used on rim brakes, the discs use a hard metal or ceramic mat that is less affected by water, mud and heat for a more consistent braking force. In addition, some disc brakes use hydraulics (rather than cables); gain greater resistance.

Model App

Engine AppChassis AppCCKWTypeCYLYear
BMW X5 (E53)
X5 (E53) 3.0 iM54 306 S3
2979231Closed Off-Road Vehicle65/00 - /
X5 (E53) 3.0 dM57 306 D1
2925184Closed Off-Road Vehicle65/01 - /
X5 (E53) 3.0 dM57N 306 D4
2993218Closed Off-Road Vehicle62/03 - /
X5 (E53) 3.0 iM54 306 S3
2979222Closed Off-Road Vehicle65/00 - /
X5 (E53) 4.4 iM62 B44
4398286Closed Off-Road Vehicle85/00 - /

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