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Brake Disc Rotors

Brake Disc Rotors

Height : 67.3 mm

Diameter : 336 mm

Centering Diameter : 75 mm

Pitch Circle Diameter : 120 mm

Brake Disc Thickness : 22.0 mm

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Ref.34 21 6 764 655
NameBrake Disc
Brake Disc
NOTERear Axle
Height : 67.3 mm
Diameter : 336 mm
Centering Diameter : 75 mm
Pitch Circle Diameter : 120 mm
Brake Disc Thickness : 22.0 mm
Minimum Thickness : 20.4 mm
Num. of holes : 5
Solid or Vented : V
Weight : 8.2 kg

All brake discs have an ABE and are also suitable for scooters.

Compared to some similar spare parts, the gasket has a low wear rate and a service life of up to 30%.

Precise surface grinding avoids vibration and improves the fit of the lining.

Uniform temperature rises and decreases allow for a constant pressure point.

New special alloys prevent excessive corrosion.

Laser technology enables lightweight contour construction.


- Hardened steel alloy for long service life

- Can be combined with all off-road mixtures

- Attractive design and high quality craftsmanship

- Attractive price level

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