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Auto Drilled Brake Rotors

Auto Drilled Brake Rotors

Height : 38.8 mm Diameter : 256 mm Centering Diameter : 65 mm Pitch Circle Diameter : 100 mm Brake Disc Thickness : 20.0 mm

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Product Details

Essential Description

Drilled and Slotted brake rotors provide superior braking performance in any driving condition. The Slots on the rotor will grab more bite to the brake pads giving you better stopping power. Cross drilled holes will dissipate heat preventing warping or vibration. Zinc Plated Sliver for rust protection. Cross-drilled and slotted rotors not only improve functionality but also add a race-car look to your vehicle. These brake rotors meets or exceeds OE specifications and no modifications are required. Ready to install with new brake pads.


Ref.SDB 500193
NameAuto Drilled Brake Rotors


Front Axle
Height : 81 mm
Diameter : 359.9 mm
Centering Diameter : 79 mm
Pitch Circle Diameter : 120 mm
Brake Disc Thickness : 30.0 mm
Minimum Thickness : 27.2 mm
Num. of holes : 5
Solid or Vented : V
Weight : 12.4 kg


· Designed for efficient ventilation and heat dessipation, it's quite useful;

· Slotted to Improve Pad Bite and Reduce Stopping Distance, maybe you need it;

· Direct Fitment; Ready to Install; No Modication Needed, saves a lot;

· Pads are Shimmed to Absorb Vibration and Eliminate Noise, people love that function.

Service Situation

1.Professional sales & marketing team;
2.Prompt and efficient delivery;
3.Excellent quality with cheaper price.

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