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Reason Analysis Of Brake Disc Shrinkage And Brake Discs Uneve...
Brake disc can directly reflect the braking effect is good or bad, so the brake disc in the car brake system is the most critical and most
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Laizhou Hengbang Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Laizhou of the Shandong Peninsula, with favorable geographical position and traffic facilities.
As a joint venture enterprise, We are well known for producing brake rotors and drums since 1996.Strictly implementing ISO/TS16949 certification, according to powerful technology team, rich development and manufacture experience, advanced computer auxiliary design and manufacture software and production and testing equipment, with strong capacity in casting and machining, we specialize in and offer a wide range of 3600 varieties of disc rotors, covering most of major models. We can produce and ship more than 36 million units high quality disc rotors to our customers. Depending on our high quality parts, our products are widely exported to Europe, north America, Middle East, Africa, etc.
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